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With a Tendency for Self-Doubt & Insecurity Around Marketing and The Ability To Profit In Business.

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9-Steps To Believe In Yourself

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We provide solutions to light your path, showing you the way to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

We are a result-focused, action-oriented organisation. You won't find any "fluff" here. Only realistic, proven strategies that are practical and straightforward to implement.

We provide marketing education and mentoring to support you attract people as excited to work with you as you are with them.

We help you radiate deep inner confidence so you believe that you can do it.

Live on your terms, by YOUR design.

Resilient. Thriving. Fulfilled.

"Why the Hell Not?"

7 easy steps to create your best-fit client profile

Learn how to find your perfect client effortlessly! We'll show you why targeting everyone isn't effective and how narrowing your focus can increase your results. Follow this simple step-by-step proc......more

Marketing- Attract Clients Without Overwhelm

10 min read

How to get counselling clients

Finding new counselling clients can be tough. The internet is an increasingly crowded space, so it can be near impossible to stand out so that your ideal clients know you exist. You need to showcase your skills... ...more

Marketing - Attract Clients Without Overwhelm

10 min read

Why confidence is important

Discover the significance of confidence in our lives and how it impacts personal growth, success, and well-being. Explore the reasons why confidence is important and learn how to cultivate it to overcome... ...more

Confidence for Growth

11 min read

What Other's Say About Working With Carrie...

This workshop was by far the best training on client attraction I have ever attended.

The structure of the training was excellent, information easy to understand, practical tips priceless and Carrie's availability/ accessibility during the workshop was invaluable." read more...

~Tatajana D Counsellor

"I was struggling to understand the world of marketing.

Her video presentations are entertaining and the messages were clear and easy to understand and implement.

My client base has increased threefold

and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated."


~ Mike Underwood

Carrie's approach is to listen but not to allow one to wallow in self-pity.

She has transformed my life, somehow managing to push the 'reset' button for me and I am, and will remain very grateful to her for this" read more...

~ Susan Haslam

"Carrie's style is challenging and inspiring.

Her coaching has made a massive difference in my life. I have dealt with beliefs that were holding me back and as a result, I now network with ease, no longer stuck by fear.

My business is thriving,

I can get new clients whenever I need.


- Marjorielyn Campbell

"Carrie's style is supportive, yet challenging. Working with Carrie has not only allowed me to develop the skills I needed in marketing and sales, along with the confidence to use them.

She has also shown me that I can do better than being a good coach, that I can be a great one!" read more...

~ Ralph Goldsmith

"From the moment I first spoke to Carrie, I felt safe and supported.

I was at a total loss, had tried counselling before but I don't easily connect with people.

With Carrie, I felt such warmth and compassion I felt respected for who I am. I didn't have to pretend with her and was able to open up. As a result, I haven't had a panic attack for the last six months" read more...

~ D.C

(I wish to remain anonymous due to the traumatic issues I needed help with)

We nurture energising confidence...

…so you can live the life you were meant to have.

Confidence comes from having skills and "know-how", the knowledge of what you need to do and how to do it.

Combined with the self-belief that YOU CAN DO IT and self-awareness of who you are and what is right for you.

This is what working with me gives you.

Empowering you to succeed through all aspects of your life - your business, your relationships, and your self-esteem.

Feel energized, nurtured, and inspired.

Live on purpose. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Successful

Confident. Prosperous. Energised

Work with the coach who has helped people all over the globe unleash their personal, professional, and business power.

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